I was born in 1978 , in Bucharest - Romania .
Passionate about all forms of art, especially painting, self-taught by nature as an Aquarius could be, i admit that i 'll like to live a life for each existing painting style...
Lately, i become interested in urban art , through a rough painting method of acrylic paint layers, markers and chalk that combines an aproach essentially realistic with the spontaneity of an explosion of color.
I'm getting my inspiration from the world around me and my heritage.
My works are in possession of private international collectors and romanians as well.
The main objective of painting is to complement a perfect image with a color game transposing the viewer into a world of fantasy.
Imagine a world without art, no paintings, no statues in the parks...
A world without art would be pretty empty, dull and cold. So even though people may try to tell you otherwise, and even though you probably won't make your living at it, art does matter !
But even if you do become one of the lucky few who can pay the bills with art, you'll need to let go of any romantic visions you have of working day and night to create a masterpiece ,

Clients :

BMW Group Romania
Starkey Laboratories Romania
OMV Petrom
Tiriac Auto
M1 Crama Atelier
GAP Global Art Production
H.E.R.S  GROUP ( High End Restaurant Solutions )
APANOVA Bucuresti